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7th Symposium on Pavement Surface Characteristics: SURF 2012

November 19-22, 2012

A1: Panel on Highway, Vehicle and Tire Requirements for Pavement Surface Characteristics

Moderator – Gerardo Flintsch

A2: The Sustainability (Rolling Resistance) of Pavement Surfaces

Moderator – Kevin McGhee

B1: Measurement of Pavement Friction

Moderator – Frank Holt

C1: Measurement of Pavement Evenness

Moderator – Robert Orthmeyer

C2: Evaluating Materials and Surface Characteristics

Moderator – Larry Scofield

B3: The Effect of Polishing on Friction

Moderator – Margo Briessinck

B4: The Effect of Water on Surface Properties

Moderator – Larry Wiser

C4: Measurement of Pavement Texture and Shape (continued)

Moderator – Phillipe Lepert

C5: Measurement of Noise

Moderator – Fabienne Anfosso

B6: Assessing Pavement Surface Performance

Moderator – Benoit Petitclerc

A3: Using Friction Measures to Reduce Accidents

Moderator – Mats Wendel

A4: Closing Panel: How Do We Meet the User Requirements?

Moderator – Brian Ferne