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Advancing Transportation through Innovation

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

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The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) frequently seeks volunteers to participate in its studies. Volunteers are selected based on whether they meet the requirements for the objectives specific to the study. Licensed drivers, 18 and older, and all levels of experience are needed for research studies.

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VTTI in the News

Vehicles on the Virginia Smart Roads

Unmanned aerial systems demonstration takes flight at VTTI on behalf of the U.S. Army

A week-long field market research demonstration of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), more commonly known as drones, concluded on July 31 at VTTI in support of the United States Army’s unmanned ground vehicle program. The demonstration was organized by the National Advanced Mobility Consortium and hosted by the institute.

Smart Roads bridge

Transportation institute exceeds record milestone; looks to the future

Externally sponsored awards at VTTI topped $50 million in just over a year, setting a new record for the institute, and allowing us to lead further advancements in roadway safety and technology research.

A car in the blindspot of a truck.

Driving safety program trucks along in new online format

From a distance, transportation researchers are finding creative ways to continue educating teenage drivers on safe driving behaviors.


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