About VTTI

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) conducts research to save lives, time, and money and protect the environment. As one of seven premier research institutes created by Virginia Tech to answer national challenges, VTTI is continually advancing transportation through innovation and has affected public policy on national and international levels.

VTTI has grown from approximately 15 faculty, staff, and students to become the second largest university-level transportation institute in the U.S. with more than 500 employees. VTTI has effected significant change in public policies for driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety and is advancing the design of vehicles and infrastructure to increase safety and reduce environmental impacts.

In all endeavors, the VTTI community is charged with finding solutions to the greatest transportation challenges facing not only the nation but the world. The faculty, staff, and students of VTTI are truly dedicating their lives to saving lives.

VTTI at a Glance

  • VTTI has more than $40 million in annual sponsored program research expenditures and is conducting more than 300 active projects.
  • Annually, VTTI supports close to 300 undergraduate and graduate students and produces more than 140 publications.
  • VTTI pioneered the use of the naturalistic driving study research method. Using data acquisition systems developed in-house, VTTI researchers are able to gather continuous video and driving performance data in real-world driving conditions. To date, more than 4,000 instrumented vehicles have been deployed nationally and internationally, resulting in close to 70 million miles of continuous naturalistic driving data.
  • VTTI ensures its national and global success by employing a select team of multidisciplinary researchers, engineers, technicians, support staff, and students.
  • To accomplish its groundbreaking research, VTTI uses a range of tools that include the Virginia Smart Road, the Virginia Automated and Connected Corridors, and data acquisition systems. These capabilities have earned VTTI an exclusive standing in the transportation research field, making it a renowned option for transportation research, analysis, and development.
  • At its core, VTTI is a family; we are a community committed to conducting cutting-edge research to save lives.

Informational Materials

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