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Participate in a Study

VTTI frequently seeks volunteers to participate in its various transportation-related research studies. Volunteers are selected based on whether they meet the requirements for the objectives specific to the study. All participation is voluntary, and participants may withdraw at any time.

VTTI conducts studies in various locations across the country, and most studies provide modest compensation. All participation is voluntary and participants may withdraw at any time.

To learn more about participation in our research studies, please call 540-231-1583 and leave a message or complete this form.

Please note that, by completing the form, you are not agreeing to participate in any particular study. You are simply submitting your name and information for contact by a VTTI research team member when recruiting for a study. Any information you provide will remain confidential and will not be shared with others outside of VTTI.

Specific Studies

Commercial motor vehicle driver

VTTI is currently seeking individuals who:

  • Are ages 18 and above;
  • Have a valid Class A or B Commercial Driver's License (CDL);
  • Drive a commercial motor vehicle such as a tractor-trailer or bus as part of their job;
  • Are willing to participate in a study in Blacksburg, Virginia; and
  • Are able to read and complete questionnaires.

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in hearing about future research opportunities involving truck drivers, please complete this form. Any information you provide will remain confidential and will not be shared with others outside of VTTI.

VTTI is conducting a research study in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC areas. This project is studying passenger behavior in rideshare vehicles. Rideshare drivers will be compensated $300 for up to 4 weeks of full participation.


  • Drive their rideshare vehicle as they normally would
  • Preference for vehicles with 3 rows of seats
  • All data will be kept strictly confidential

To learn more, please contact us and reference the "Click" project: 540-231-2125 or (IRB #21-945)

Do you own or drive a 1996 or newer vehicle and live in a rural or remote area, such as those without access to public transit? VTTI is looking for experienced drivers, aged 65+, to participate in a research study. Preference for those who limit the locations and/or distances they drive. Maximum compensation is $525. (IRB #21-468)

Interested? Contact: 540-231-3589 or and mention the "ROAD TRIP Study".

Are you an experienced rider of an electric mobility device, such as a scooter, skateboard, bicycle, or monowheel?

VTTI is seeking individuals, ages 18 to 64, who are experienced users of these electric devices.

The study provides compensation of $75 and involves participating in one 2.5-hour session. (IRB #22-354)

Interested? Contact: 540-231-0988 or and mention the "Balance" study.

VTTI is seeking individuals to participate in a research study. This study would involve driving a research vehicle instead of your own for approximately seven days. In addition, participants will be asked to drive the provided research vehicle on public roadways in the Northern Virginia area.

To qualify, volunteers must have a valid U.S. license, be 21-45 years of age, and drive a SUV, truck, or cargo van on a regular basis on interstates and highways in the Northern Virginia area.

The research vehicle in this project is a newer model equipped with advanced technology, and volunteers will be compensated $200 for full participation. All data will be kept strictly confidential.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at: 540-231-0295 or email us at and reference “the Briar Study” in your message.

VTTI is seeking drivers aged 21-70 with valid U.S. driver's licenses to participate in a research study during daytime hours.

This study will examine how driving experience impacts general driving performance and the level of effort needed to perform basic driving tasks.

Participants will drive a research vehicle and encounter typical highway driving scenarios on a closed test course at VTTI. Total participation time consists of one visit lasting approximately 2 hours. This project provides compensation of $60 for full participation.

To learn more, contact 540-231-1062 or and reference “the Jupiter Study” in the message.