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Affiliated Companies

Global Center for Automotive Performance Simulation

Provides advanced tire research, vehicle simulation, and mathematical modeling for virtual vehicle technology development.

The Global Center for Automotive Performance Simulation (GCAPS) is an affiliated company of Virginia Tech that is revolutionizing the automotive industry. GCAPS specializes in providing predictive modeling, simulation, testing, assessment, and scenario development to the full spectrum of the mobility industry and other industry clients. GCAPS work complements activities performed by global vehicle manufacturers, tire manufacturers, suppliers, motorsports teams, and other industry clients.

GCAPS provides and utilizes accurate models to support virtual development for the transportation industry. Their simulation group, which has significant experience ranging from mathematical model development to graphic design to tire mechanics, is an important aspect of the successful model creation. These models—including tire models, vehicle models, and environments—are created from both customer data sources and physical testing performed in their own advanced testing facilities, which feature the world's most capable indoor flat-belt tire test machine.

GCAPS' physical testing expertise has led to research and new modeling methods for improved products delivered to their customers. Clients use the models and testing services to elevate their performance in vehicle handling, autonomous vehicle technology, and many other aspects of transportation simulation. Collectively, the vast experience in controls development, vehicle simulation, model creation, and physical data interpretation helps many companies in the transportation industry excel.

To learn more, visit the GCAPS website.