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Divisions & Centers

As VTTI looks to the future, it recognizes that modern transportation challenges need modern solutions. Our leadership team has been tasked with overseeing an updated research and administrative program that will increase the institute's agility in addressing current and future transportation needs for our partners.


Data & Analytics

Conducts data-driven research that develops and employs sophisticated algorithms, machine learning and statistical methods, innovative data fusion, and visualization techniques to advance transportation.

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Freight, Transit, & Heavy Vehicle Safety

Focuses on the research, development, and evaluation of heavy-vehicle systems, operations, and data.

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Technology Development & Deployment

Specializes in developing, manufacturing, implementing, and maintaining innovative systems for transportation research.

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Technology Implementation

Focuses on the implementation of transportation safety technologies, including connected and automated vehicle technologies.

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Vehicle, Driver, & System Safety

Responsible for idealizing, designing, developing, and evaluating solutions to complex transportation challenges.

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Center for Injury Biomechanics

Conducts research into injury biomechanics, injury modeling, and transportation-related injury biomechanics.

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Center for Sustainable & Resilient Infrastructure

Envisions, develops and deploys innovative, safe, efficient, sustainable, and resilient solutions for re-inventing, renewing, and managing infrastructure facilities, networks, and systems.

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Center for Sustainable Mobility

Responsible for optimizing, implementing, modeling and assessing the operational, environmental and safety impacts of intelligent transportation and vehicle systems.

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Global Center for Automotive Performance Simulation

Provides advanced tire research, vehicle simulation, and mathematical modeling for virtual vehicle technology development.

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