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Technology Development & Deployment

Specializes in developing, manufacturing, implementing, and maintaining innovative systems for transportation research.

The Division of Technology Development and Deployment specializes in developing, manufacturing, implementing, and maintaining innovative systems for transportation research. The division collaborates with other research programs and groups within VTTI to provide innovative research support. It is continuously developing advanced systems for data collection with the goal of collecting a range of detailed data while remaining unobtrusive to participant drivers.

The division's responsibilities include: a) the technical capability and reliability of VTTI's current data acquisition systems (DAS), which have been updated to provide for increased data acquisition rates and throughput via updating of communication and processing hardware, b) the implementation, instrumentation, recovery and storage of data from a vehicle- and infrastructure-based DAS, as well as performance of offsite repairs and initial data quality checks, c) continued development of VTTI's highly integrated DAS, which offers increased research parameters and reduced unit size that will significantly decrease installation times, provide corrected vehicle dynamics data, and render improved video compression and quality, d) continued development of machine-vision capabilities related to driver, vehicle, and roadway metrics, (e) the design, development, and testing of vehicle automation and safety systems, and (f) maintaining and expanding the capabilities of VTTI and the Virginia Smart Roads.

  • Automated Driving Systems
  • Data Retrieval Support
  • Electronic Systems & Technology Innovation
  • Testing Facilities Operations
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Mechanical & Electrical Systems
  • Research Data Storage & Processing
  • System Design & Architecture
  • Innovative Vehicle Systems Integration
  • Advanced Test Fixture Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Vehicle Support

Zeb Bowden

Zeb Bowden

Division Director
Carl Cospel

Carl Cospel

Hardware Engineering Lab
Carri Edmiston

Carri Edmiston

Project Management
Calvin Winkowski

Calvin Winkowski

Operations & Research Computing

  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Through 2023, VTTI continues to serve as the steward for the Transportation Research Board’s landmark SHRP 2 naturalistic driving study data based on the Institute’s information technology infrastructure and expertise in high-performance computing in support of scientific research.
  • NATURALISTIC DRIVING DATA: VTTI collects, maintains, manages, and analyzes naturalistic driving data and other transportation research data at multi-petabyte (PB) scale. VTTI’s naturalistic driving studies collect immense volumes of data, more than 70 million miles to date, with current storage requirements for archive and online data exceeding 10 PB.
  • VIRGINIA SMART ROADS: The Virginia Smart Roads are state-of-the-art, closed test tracks managed by VTTI in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). With more than seven miles of roadway, these research facilities feature weather-making and lighting capabilities, advanced sensors, traffic intersections, and varying pavement types, enabling VTTI to conduct vehicle evaluations and driver safety testing for its partners in a secure location. Collectively, the Virginia Smart Roads enable advanced vehicle testing within a linked and comprehensive system that includes highway, surface, rural, and unimproved roadways.

The following VTTI facilities are maintained by members of the Division of Technology Development & Deployment: