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VTTI has been designing and deploying data acquisition systems (DAS) for over 20 years, and skilled technicians have successfully instrumented thousands of vehicles with these systems. The most recent system, the MicroDAS, was designed to be small, cost effective, and easy to install in a wide variety of vehicles.

The MicroDAS has the ability to capture, encode, encrypt, and store multiple time-synced video streams using USB or IP cameras. There are several onboard sensors including a 9-dof inertial measurement unit (IMU) and a GNSS (GPS) receiver. The DAS was designed to be highly expandable by including numerous expansion options such as USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G cellular, I2C, and SPI. In addition, it has several onboard CAN-FD channels which allow it to communicate with onboard vehicle networks, such as OBDII, J1939, and proprietary in-vehicle networks.

The MicroDAS was designed with ruggedness in mind so that it can withstand the harsh conditions found in passenger vehicles and heavy vehicles. The VTTI-designed power front end provides intelligent power control that allows it to operate in a wide range of vehicle architectures while protecting the vehicle electrical systems and maintaining data integrity.

The Division of Technology Development and Deployment's engineers design all aspects of VTTI's data acquisition systems, such as the printed circuit board (PCB), firmware, software, and enclosures. The highly trained technicians in the Project Instrumentation Group handle the manufacturing and installation of the DAS. For more information, please contact Carl Cospel, VTTI's Director of Electronic Systems and Technology Innovation.