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Garages and Vehicles

VTTI vehicles


To supplement and support the focused transportation research of the institute, VTTI facilities feature a fully staffed garage and machine shop to instrument experimental vehicles. Technicians and engineers use full-scale machine and welding shops, electronics laboratories, and garage facilities to customize transportation hardware and software designed to collect large amounts of data. These facilities are also used to support the maintenance and expansion of the Smart Road systems and capabilities. Additionally, VTTI occupies an adjacent four-bay, 7,200-square-foot garage. This facility is used to store the VTTI instrumented vehicle fleet and the equipment necessary for research and Smart Road operations.

Vehicle Fleet

The VTTI vehicle fleet is uniquely instrumented for specific experiments. Researchers use the vehicle fleet on test beds, and experimental test vehicles are used to develop new instrumentation packages. Several of the vehicles are long-term loaners from vehicle manufacturers, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), and other partnering organizations.

All vehicles are maintained in-house when possible with fully functional garages and a machine shop. Loaned vehicles are maintained in cooperation with the organization that provided the vehicle.


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