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Virginia International Raceway

Virginia International Raceway aerial

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute has a collaboration with Virginia International Raceway in Alton, Va., which allows the institute to conduct projects in a multi-use testing environment that includes both closed-course and open traffic conditions. The raceway track can be configured to five different courses ranging from 1.1 miles to 4.2 miles and includes such topography as hairpin curves and blind passes. On site at the raceway is a resort that features a 12-unit complex of residential villas, a lodge, a club house, a full-service restaurant and tavern, administrative offices, and a spa. The Virginia International Raceway is also home to the Virginia Motorsports Technology Park, which contains the Global Center for Automotive Performance Simulation (GCAPS), a VTTI-affiliated company that features the globe’s premier force-and-moment tire testing machine, tire modeling and parameterization capabilities, and vehicle simulation.


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