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Virginia Automated Corridors

The Virginia Automated Corridors (VAC) provides an automation-friendly environment that government agencies, original equipment manufacturers, and suppliers can use to test and certify their systems, providing a system migration path from test-track to real-world operating environments.

The Virginia Automated Corridors (VAC) is a VTTI-led initiative that aims to support the testing and certification of automated vehicle systems, expediting the migration from test-track to real-world operating environments. Established in response to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s proclamation declaring Virginia "open for business" in the realm of automated vehicles, the VAC includes over 70 miles of interstates and arterials in the highly congested Northern Virginia region just outside of Washington D.C. The corridors also include two closed roadway facilities, the Virginia Smart Road and the Virginia International Raceway.

The VAC provides a wide range of resources for testing new transportation technologies, including access to dedicated high-occupancy toll lanes, high-definition mapping capabilities, real-time traffic and incidents, intelligent routing, and location cloud technology. Researchers will also be able to utilize VDOT-maintained pavement markings, accurate localization via high-precision global navigation satellite systems, and connected-vehicle capabilities enabled by dedicated short-range communications and cellular technology.

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