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Transportation Safety Initiative

Remember the day you got your driver's license? How about your first road trip? Or when you brought your newborn home from the hospital? When you think about it, so many pivotal moments of our lives happen in transit. In many ways, the journey of our lives is literally made possible by our journey on the road. Moving from one place to the next should represent the good things in your life.

Sadly, motor vehicle crashes remain one of the leading causes of death for people of all ages. It's time to change that.

Our Mission at VTTI

A future without transportation-related fatalities isn't a daydream. It's a clear vision—a reality that we all deserve. VTTI is at the forefront of building that vision. As a global epicenter for transportation research, VTTI is launching an initiative with a relentless ambition: to unite the world around advancing transportation safety.

Investing in VTTI is an investment in long lives well lived. It's an investment in a future that doesn't accept motor vehicle crashes as a part of daily life.

Bringing Our Vision to Life

At the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, researchers have dedicated their lives to saving lives. Using data insights from VTTI-led programs, to ongoing statistics provided by the World Health Organization, we are taking safety research to next level and embarking on an ambitious effort to:

Icon of a mobile phone and text bubble

Eliminate distracted driving

Icon of a bicycle

Increase pedestrian and bicycle safety

Icon of a steering wheel

Foster teen driver crash prevention

Icon of a flatbed truck

Decrease truck-related collisions

Icon of school bus

Prevent school bus crashes

How You Can Get Involved

All funding raised goes toward transportation safety research. Interested in another way to show your support? Contact us today to start a conversation.

An infant in a car seat

Make a One-Time Donation

Together, we're making our journey on the road safer. Help put an end to transportation-related injuries and fatalities today by supporting our transportation safety researchers.

A t-shirt with the VTTI logo

Wear Your Support

Donate $50 or more, and you'll receive a Move Our World Forward t-shirt.

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Make an Honor Donation

Remember your loved ones with a donation in their honor that supports the advancement of transportation safety.

Paving stones

Memorialize With a Paver (Coming Soon)

Donate a custom paver to be enshrined in the new VTTI Paving the Way Pavilion memorial, dedicated to individuals who have lost their lives in a transportation-related crash.

A child with a backpack on a school bus

Corporate Partnerships

From reduced healthcare costs, to environmental impact, to long-term customer loyalty, transportation safety should be seen as a strategic imperitive for leaders of industry.

People wearing workplace safety equipment

Workplace Giving

Leverage your company's workplace giving program today to make the world a safer place. It's easy, automated, and in many cases, can double your impact.

What Your Donation Supports

Below are just a few of VTTI's dynamic programs. In all that we do, we're committed to raising awareness around transportation safety and conducting breakthrough research. Together, we're finding solutions to the greatest transportation challenges facing our world.

Sharing the Road program leaders with high school students

Sharing the Road

The Sharing the Road Program is designed to educate young drivers on how to safely share the road with large trucks.

A mobile phone with a map application in a vehicle

Increasing Driver Attention

In collaboration with Google's Android Auto team, VTTI conducted research on how drivers interact with road hazards and the infotainment systems in their cars.

Scooter riders moving through an intersection

Improving Intersection Safety

In partnership with NEC Corporation of America (NEC), VTTI harnessed AI to create a roadway warning system that could potentially saves lives.