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Fifth International Symposium on Naturalistic Driving Research

August 30-September 1, 2016

The National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence (NSTSCE) at Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) hosted the Fifth International Symposium on Naturalistic Driving Research at The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center in Blacksburg, Virginia on August 30-31, 2016, with the Motorcycle Research and Technology Workshop and Women in Transportation Seminar – The Future of Transportation following on September 1.

Links to the presentations that have been provided are accessible via the links below.

Tuesday, August 30: Symposium Day 1

International Naturalistic Driving Research – Challenges and Solutions: A Panel

Moderator – Tom Dingus, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

  • Canada Naturalistic Driving Study (CNDS): Description of Method and Database
    Charlie Klauer, Lorin Elias, Gayatri Ankem, John Pearson, Jon Hankey
    VTTI, University of Saskatchewan, Council of Deputy Ministers
  • Issues and Barriers Faced when Designing and Running the European Naturalistic Driving Study UDRIVE
    Nicole van Nes, Jonas Bargman, Julie Castermans, Michiel Christoph, Helena Gellerman
    SWOV, Chalmers University, Ertico, SAFER
  • Feedback from SCOOP@F FOT on Driver Behavior
    Laurette Guyonvarch, Cyril Chauvel, Anne Guillaume
    LAB Renault –PSA
  • The Australian Naturalistic Driving Study (ANDS)
    Raphael Grzebieta, Ann Williamson, Judith Charlton, Jan Eusebio, Kristie Young, Garrett Mattos, Sjaan Koppel, Mike Lenne, John Wall, Jon Antin
    TARS Research Centre, Monash Univ. Accident Res. Centre, Seeing Machines, VTTI

Innovative Naturalistic Data Collection and Coding Techniques

Moderator – David Plazak, TRB

Looking into the Near Future: Crash Avoidance Technologies, Automated Vehicles, and Connected Vehicles

Moderator – Steven Smith, FMCSA

New Ways of Looking at Things: Computer Vision and Data Modeling

Moderator – John Capp, GM

Poster Session

Poster Potpourri

Special Poster Topic: If You Can Read This... Car Following and Rear-end Crashes

Special Poster Topic: Where Did It Happen? Geospatial Analyses of Naturalistic Data

Wednesday, August 31: Symposium Day 2

Beyond Police Reports: Crash Analyses Using Naturalistic Data

Moderator – Chris Hayes, Travelers

Using Naturalistic Driving Data to Unravel the Mystery that is the Teen Driver

Moderator – Cathy McGhee, VDOT

  • Understanding the Role of Secondary Tasks in Increasing Teens’ Risk for Crash
    Pnina Gershon, Charlie Klauer, Bruce Simons-Morton
  • Examining the Potential of Elevated G-Force Events as “Teachable Moments”: The Supervised Practice Driving Study
    Johnathon Ehsani, Chunming Zhu, Charlie Klauer, Bruce Simons-Morton
  • From Naturalistic Driving Data to a Conceptual Framework of Teens Risky Driving Behavior
    Pnina Gershon, Fearghal O'Brien, Chunming Zhu, Bruce Simons-Morton
  • What are the Psychosocial and Personality Characteristics of Teen Drivers whose Parents used Post Hoc Feedback vs Those who Did Not?
    Gayatri Ankem, Tina Sayer, Charlie Klauer
    VTTI, Toyota

Out in the Boondocks: Rural Safety Issues Addressed by Naturalistic Driving Data

Moderator – Monique Evans, FHWA

Zooming Forward: Motorcycles and Mopeds

Moderator – Ray Ochs, Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Thursday, September 1: Motorcycle Workshop

Thursday, September 1: Women in Transportation Seminar