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Fourth International Symposium on Naturalistic Driving Research

August 25-28, 2014

The two-day international symposium (preceded and followed by full-day workshops on Monday, 8/25 and Thursday, 8/28) gathered experts in the field of naturalistic driving research to discuss a wide range of topics.

The Promise of Naturalistic Driving Realized:  Evidence From the Naturalistic Teenage Driving Study

Moderator – Dr. Bruce Simons-Morton, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Don’t Look Now: NDS Distraction Methods and Findings

Moderator – Chris Hayes, Travelers

International NDS Progress and Lessons Learned

Moderator – John P. Capp, General Motors

Using NDS to Improve the Health and Safety of Professional Drivers

Moderator – Martin Walker, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Poster Session

  • Senior Fitness-to-Drive Evaluation Using Naturalistic Driving Data
    Jon Antin, VTTI
  • Personality and Crash Risk
    Fearghal O'Brien, NICHD
  • Extending Naturalistic Driving Research to a Patrol Car: A Pilot Project
    Teena Garrison, Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems, Mississippi State University
  • Analysis of Driver Behavioral Adaptation to the Lateral Drift Warning System
    Adam Lawrence Greenstein, Maryland State Highway Administration
  • Using Naturalistic Data for Forward Collision Warning Design: Population Distributions of Time to Collision from the 100-Car Study
    Kristofer D. Kusano, Virginia Tech
  • Naturalistic Driving as a Tool to Better Understand the Self-Management of Driving of Older Drivers With and Without Visual Impairment
    Ioni Lewis, Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q)
  • Successful Elements in a Health and Wellness Program for Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers
    Erin Mabry, VTTI
  • Naturalistic Cycling Studies: What Are They, and How Do They Relate to Naturalistic Driving Research?
    Tibor Petzoldt, TU Chemnitz
  • Analysis of Mean Trip Speed of Motorcycle Riders
    Cameron Rainey, VTTI

Ongoing Novice Driving Studies

Moderator – Thomas A. Dingus, VTTI

SHRP 2 Student Paper Session

Moderator – Jim Hedlund

The Road Perspective: Infrastructure Applications

Moderator – Catherine McGhee, The Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC)

The Future: Innovative Techniques in Data Extraction and Analysis

Moderator – Lincoln Cobb, FHWA

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