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9th International Conference on Managing Pavement Assets

May 18-21, 2015

All papers have been peer-reviewed by at least three reviewers.

Plenary Session 1

Moderator – Gerardo Flintsch

  • Welcome
    Tanveer Chowdhury
  • Executive Panel Discussion
    • Gregory G. Nadeau, Acting Administrator, Federal Highway Administration
    • Oscar de Buen Richkarday, President, World Road Association (PIARC)
    • Jorge Sales Gomes, CEO, Brisa Inovação e Tecnologia
    • Charles Kilpatrick, Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Transportation

Plenary Session 2

Moderator – Theuns Henning

Session 3: Policy & Funding

Moderator – Magdy Mikhail

Session 5: Performance Prediction I

Moderator – Raja Shekharan

Session 6: Sustainability

Moderator – Tom Kazmierowski

Poster Session 1

Moderator – Edgar de León

  • Functional Capacity Asset Class
    Stephanie Weigel
  • Methodology for Asset Valuation in Chile
    David Saldaña, Robinson Lucero, Gerardo Flintsch & Daniel Munoz
  • Overcoming IT Issues in Asset Management
    Benjamin Ong, Hitesh Shah & DJ Swan
  • Sampling versus Whole Network Monitoring in Pavement Management Systems
    Nima Kargah-Ostadi, DJ Swan & Jerome Daleiden
  • Impacts of Profiler Purchases on Pavement Management
    Amy Simpson, Gary Elkins, Rohan Perera & Larry Wiser
  • Comparative Analysis of Microsurfacing and Portland Cement Slurry Seal For Rut Filling
    Dominique Pittenger, Douglas Gransberg, Caleb Riemer & Musharraf Zaman

Session 7: Cracking & IRI Measurements

Moderator – Andrew Williams

Session 8: New Systems & Software

Moderator –Tanveer Chowdhury

Session 9: Performance Prediction II

Moderator – Thomas Van

  • Variation in Deterioration Rates of Major Arterials in Rural Victoria/Australia
    Bayar Mohammed, Rayya Hassan & Robert Evans
  • Piecewise Linear Models for Ordinal Pavement Distress Data
    Don Chen, Tara Cavalline & Neil Mastin
  • Development of Pavement Performance Models for the NCDOT PMS
    Don Chen, Neil Mastin & Thomas Nicholas
  • Developing Rubberized Asphalt Concrete Performance Models for MTC PMS
    DingXin Cheng, Gary Hicks & Sui Tan

Session 10: Structural Evaluation

Moderator – Peter Kadar

Poster Session 2

Moderator – Samer Katicha

  • Challenges of Compliance Specifications and the Effective Management of Pavements for Highway Concessions
    David Hein
  • Next Generation of Forward Works Programme for Pavement and Resurfacing
    Simon Hunt & Sean Rainsford
  • Pavement Maintenance for Long Term Performance Based Contracts
    Zaid Alyami & Susan Tighe
  • Ontario Flexible Pavement Local Calibration on AASHTOWARE Pavement ME Using PMS2
    Amin Hamdi, Mohab El-Hakim, Susan Tighe & Li Ningyuan
  • Dynamic Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation Needs Estimation to Meet Changes in Influencing Factors
    Raja Shekharan, Tanveer Chowdhury, Matthew Ayotte, Akyiaa Hosten & Eddie Coggins
  • 3D Pavement Surface Reconstruction using NURBS
    Ran Ji, Cheng Chen & Kelvin Wang

Session 13: Skid, Safety & Texture

Moderator – Seosamh Costello

Session 16: Data Quality

Moderator – Gonzalo Rada

Session 17: Preservation

Moderator – Akyiaa Hosten

Session 18: Performance, Monitoring, Reporting & Visualization

Moderator – Brian Diefenderfer

Session 19: Other Data Collection Issues

Moderator – Zhanmin Zhang

Session 22: Performance Based Contracts

Moderator – Ian Greenwood

Session 23: Pavement Maintenance Management & Applied PMS

Moderator – Gonzalo Rada

Poster Session 4

Moderator – Freddie Salado

  • Case Study: TXDOT experience with upgrading the Pavement Management System
    Magdy Mikhail & Ron Hagquist
  • Pavement Management Systems for Canadian Low Volume Roads
    Donaldson MacLeod, Susan Tighe & Marta Juhasz
  • Hardening Airport Pavements: A Sustainable Pavement Preservation Tool
    Douglas Gransberg & Dominique Pittenger
  • Optimal Budget Allocation System for Airport Pavement Rehabilitation in Japan
    Yoshitaka Hachiya & Masahiro Kanno
  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Airfield and Highway Pavement Surface Based on 1mm 3D Data
    Joshua Li, Kelvin Wang, Guangwei Yang & Wenting Luo
  • A Journey Through Nine ICMPA’s
    Ralph Hass

Session 25: Natural Disasters and Resilience Edison Ballroom

Moderator – Judith Corley-Lay

Plenary Session 3

Moderator – Judith Corley-Lay