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Project Highlights

The Impact of C-V2X on Transportation System Efficiency, Safety, Energy, and Environment

The vehicle-to-everything (V2X) system refers to a classification of technology developed with the purpose of enabling communication between vehicles and the world around them. V2X communications consists of four types of communications: Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V); Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I); Vehicle-to-network (V2N); and Vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P). Cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) will serve as the foundation for V2X—providing 360º non-line-of-sight awareness and a higher level of predictability for enhanced sharing of data. The objective of this project is two-fold: (a) assess the environmental effects of a wide deployment of C-V2X by quantifying the impact of specific C-V2X use-cases on travel time, CO2 emissions, and fuel consumption; and (b) evaluate the potential safety effects (e.g., reduced fatalities or injuries) of C-V2X on various traffic participants (e.g., vehicle passengers, vulnerable road users).

The paper describing this study can be found here: Sensors | Free Full-Text | INTEGRATION Large-Scale Modeling Framework of Direct Cellular Vehicle-to-All (C-V2X) Applications (

For more information, please contact Hesham Rakha.

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