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Division of Data & Analytics is saving time through work with advanced driving systems

VTTI’s Division of Data & Analytics (DDA) is saving time for automakers through improving testing methods on advanced driving systems. The division is leading efforts to study scaled test beds, tools that can create and physically test algorithms for automated driving systems (ADS). There are three steps to this project: utilizing radar tracking software, scaling a vehicle to 1/5th the distance and speed to simulate the vehicle actions, and creating sensor tracks using the LiDAR.

ADSs rely on evolving perception, planning, and control systems. Comprehensive testing of these future systems requires a new suite of approaches, and this is one example where VTTI is assisting industry partners to bring novel methods online for the development and testing process.

In the words of division director Michelle Chaka, “Vehicle software development has a rapid development cycle. Efficient physical test methods are needed to support this rapid cycle and assess the vehicle motion as the software evolves. This innovative work by Greg Beale, DDA Research Associate, has the potential to advance current test approaches.”

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