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Center for Sustainable Mobility looks to save time through quantifying tangible data

VTTI’s Center for Sustainable Mobility (CSM) is exploring how to save time through fundamental research. Specifically, CSM has focused on developing novel traffic signal optimization techniques to reduce traffic congestion and increase the capacity of roadways in urban downtown areas. In the words of center director Hesham Rakha, “We have developed a novel decentralized traffic signal system that abandons the concept of a fixed sequence of phases and cycle length. This system outperforms all state-of-practice systems in a virtual simulation environment. What is needed now is work with traffic signal controller vendors to test the system in the field.”

In addition, CSM is working to optimize traveler departure times and routes. To illustrate this concept, Rakha uses the example of a crowd leaving after the conclusion of an athletic event. By controlling the departure time and implementing a delayed withdrawal, people would be able to get home faster because there will be less traffic congestion on the streets immediately after the conclusion of a game. With allocated financial resources, speed harmonization algorithms and adaptive cruise control systems are additional methods that CSM can use for future initiatives.

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