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Division of Data and Analytics leads efforts in data translation

VTTI's Division of Data and Analytics (DDA) works in collaboration with industry, government, and academic partners to transform complex and large-scale data collections into robust and timely guidance and decisions.

The Division works at the intersection of mechanical engineering, physics, computer science, statistics, behavior, safety, and policy. This cross section of expertise enables innovative data science techniques to create effective and understandable results.

Director Michelle Chaka, who had a long tenure at Ford prior to arriving at VTTI, sees her division as a trusted data intermediary.

“We bring data to life,” said Chaka. “One of our key values is to provide upfront guidance early in the design cycle to improve the safety and functionality of systems and the overall product life-cycle efficiency. The connection we make between data and people goes far beyond graphs; we provide interactive visualization tools and the coaching needed to arrive at the most effective use.”

With additional financial resources, Chaka would like to invest in creating the data and insights that work towards a safer and more equitable transportation system. Mobility connects people to basic needs such as healthcare, work, and activities of daily living. Currently, limited information exists on how to improve mobility in a way that is sustainable and ensures that underserved communities are not left behind. Connected, automated, and electrification technologies are some of the enablers for a safer and more equitable transportation system. Data from these technologies requires advanced tools. DDA is also working with VTTI's Division of Technology Development and Deployment to explore avenues on how to pursue these goals through the utilization of tools such as high-performance computing.

Chaka believes that VTTI's success has been rooted in bringing together multidisciplinary expertise with a passion for safety and sustainability to innovate mobility solutions for now and the future.

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