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Saving lives is a driving force of the Division of Vehicle, Driver and System Safety

VTTI’s Division of Vehicle, Driver, and System Safety is living up to its name through its emphasis on safety. DVDSS researchers continue to support a variety of public and proprietary sponsors through evaluations of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and crash-avoidance technologies. These evaluations often influence the final development of critical safety systems before they become available to vehicle consumers.

Research under this division also includes a heavy focus on teens and older drivers, with a specific emphasis on the identified risks associated with these driving demographics. Recent and ongoing research looks for ways to better inform teen drivers, along with their parents, by providing useful feedback during the driver education process via an internally developed teen feedback website application. Separately, the Rural Older Adult Driver Tailored Research-Integrated Plan (ROAD TRIP) aims to identify and mitigate specific driving risks of older adults in rural areas through the integration of countermeasures and direct involvement with family members.

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