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Protecting the environment is an important goal for the Division of Vehicle, Driver, & System Safety

VTTI’s Division of Vehicle, Driver, and System Safety (DVDSS) is embracing the likelihood of a future dominated by transportation modes powered by green energy. Currently, the division is working on both proprietary and public projects to evaluate a variety of research questions related to electric vehicles (EVs). For example, with the anticipated transition from internal combustion vehicles toward EVs, DVDSS researchers continue examining how to improve detectability of these ‘quiet vehicles’ by pedestrians near the roadway environment, reducing the likelihood of vehicle-pedestrian collisions.

The division’s emphasis on connected vehicles also has ties to protecting the environment. Beyond safety benefits offered by vehicles that can wirelessly communicate with one another, mobility and efficiency benefits are anticipated when these connected vehicles also communicate with roadway infrastructure. DVDSS researchers recently completed a project investigating, developing, and demonstrating a vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) environment focused on traffic management. Improved traffic management translates into increased mobility and efficiency for road users, reducing trip times for drivers and occupants as well as the energy required to complete these trips.

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