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Division of Technology Development & Deployment protects the environment by researching vehicle emissions

VTTI’s Division of Technology Development and Deployment (DTDD) is enabling research that will help protect the environment. Current research into reducing vehicle emissions focuses on driver behavior, improved mobility, and alternative technologies such as vehicle electrification. Using their advanced data acquisition systems, the division is able to collect real-time data regarding driving habits such as acceleration rates, idle time, and route selection. In addition, data are collected from vehicle onboard networks that provide insight into fuel usage, driving aids, and other vehicle operating information. These large datasets are housed in VTTI’s multi-petabyte Scientific Data Warehouse which provides high-speed access so it can be analyzed to answer related research questions.

Division director Zeb Bowden believes that while green energy presents tremendous opportunities, there also needs to be a focus on how to logistically roll these options out. For example, electric charging stations are not universally available, and resources must be allocated in order to provide more accessibility to these charging stations in order to ultimately reduce dependence on fossil fuels. It is also important to consider the power sources used to supply these charging stations since there are still a lot of non-renewable sources in use. Bowden believes that, with VTTI’s track record, they are well-positioned to tackle these important questions.

“Our people are the best in the world,” said Bowden. “We have been able to solve a lot of key and complex projects over the last 20 years.”

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