Susan Soccolich, Research Associate

Center for Truck and Bus Safety: Safety and Human Factors

Susan Soccolich is a Research Associate with the Safety and Human Factors group of the Center for Truck and Bus Safety (CTBS) at VTTI. As a graduate of the Virginia Tech Department of Statistics, she specializes in research and study design, data collection and analysis, and writing and presenting research findings. Ms. Soccolich has analyzed data from planned driving experiments, naturalistic driving studies, and surveys, using descriptive, contingency table and nonparametric, discriminant function, cluster, and linear, logistic, and Poisson/negative binomial regression analyses. At CTBS, her research is focused on commercial drivers of various types and has covers topics of impacts of Hours-of-Service regulations, driver distraction and fatigue, driver detention, work zone safety, and driver health. She has presented research study findings at several conferences and discussed analysis methodologies at multiple naturalistic driving data-centered workshops. Ms. Soccolich is skilled in SAS, R, SQL, and Excel