Jason Meyer, Research Associate

Center for Advanced Automotive Research: Advanced Product Test and Evaluation

Jason Meyer is a Research Associate in the Center for Advanced Automotive Research (CAAR) at VTTI where he primarily focuses on advanced product testing and evaluation. Meyer has over seven years of experience performing Human Factors evaluations in the transportation safety area. He also has experience in experimental design, data collection, analysis, and reporting as part of project deliverables.

Prior to this work in CAAR, his research projects at VTTI focused on infrastructure lighting and vehicle lighting, as well as hardware development in the area of roadway lighting measurement. This included the development of a system for video capture of the dynamic, ever-changing luminance environment. A digital photometer was used to calibrate mobile digital video cameras to collect luminance data. The calibrated luminance camera was then able to be instrumented in a vehicle to capture video data and allow calculation of object contrast and luminance on a roadway.