Luke Neurauter, Group Leader

Center for Advanced Automotive Research: Connected & Advanced Vehicle Systems

As a group leader for the Connected & Advanced Vehicle Systems group within the Center for Advanced Automotive Research at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), Luke Neurauter is regularly tasked with the development, organization, implementation, and overall management of transportation safety-related research projects. His work consists primarily of gathering and analyzing human factors-related data in an effort to evaluate prototype concepts and advanced technologies. Much of his experience at VTTI is tied to proprietary work.

Efforts in which he is typically involved in assess advanced technology (connected vehicle systems) and/or active safety systems, and include evaluating how drivers comprehend and interact with these systems through both controlled and naturalistic exposure. Mental model development and driver response to both staged and naturally occurring events catered to the specific system being tested are routinely assessed and analyzed as part of these efforts. Over the years, Neurauter has managed projects varying in scale from small sample controlled test-track studies through multi-year field operational tests.