Shane McLaughlin, Center Director

Center for Automated Vehicle Systems

Shane McLaughlin became the Director of VTTI's Center for Automated Vehicle Systems in January 2016. In this role, he's excited to be leading VTTI projects that contribute to the design of advanced systems and the march-or jump-toward automated vehicle deployment. For almost 18 years, Shane has supported engineering and design teams using human factors techniques, traditional engineering analyses, and programming. Starting in industry, he worked on complex systems such as adaptive cruise control and navigation. Since returning to Virginia Tech in 2001, he and his staff have assisted private and public sector customers address each new advance in driver support, considering questions of automation control authority, user behavior, performance capabilities, vehicle dynamics, user monitoring and characterization, user interfaces, and systems specification related to the user. In 2007, Shane started VTTI's Motorcycle Research Group, which he continues to lead.