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David Kizyma, Senior Research Associate

Division of Vehicle, Driver, & System Safety

Global Industry & Policy Support

Dave Kizyma joined VTTI in 2019 and is a senior research associate within the Division of Vehicle, Driver, & System Safety. Prior to joining VTTI, he spent over 35 years working for original equipment manufacturers in the automotive industry, which includes almost 30 years working for Ford Motor Company in various roles related to vehicle safety. Mr. Kizyma spent over 23 years in various capacities primarily related to vehicle and occupant safety, certification, and compliance. These roles enabled Mr. Kizyma to obtain a strong background in understanding crash avoidance and crashworthiness requirements; vehicle, system and component design, development, and verification processes; and reviewing new features and technologies and assessing their impact on vehicle or occupant safety. Research projects that he has been involved in since joining VTTI relate to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards; Level 2 advanced driver-assistance system technologies globally, and identifying and comparing existing and proposed regulations; test protocols; evaluation and ratings; underlying sensor technologies; and data logging. Mr. Kizyma holds a Master’s in engineering management from the University of Detroit Mercy and a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan.