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Christine Absher, Chief Finance Officer


Christine Absher is the chief finance officer of VTTI and the treasurer for VTT, LLC (GCAPS). She has been with VTTI for over 5 years and brings more than 23 years of experience in higher education at Virginia Tech. She leads institute research administration, including pre/post-award, contracts, and inventory control, in addition to directing budget development and oversight and compliance and fiscal operations. Christine oversees a collaborative, service-oriented team that balances compliance and facilitates solutions to complex financial needs. She prioritizes building and operating robust support systems and developing policies and guidelines to ease staff and faculty administrative burdens. In 2003, Christine was part of the team that structured the monthly automation of Virginia Tech’s Return Overhead allocation, and in 2019, she made key contributions as a member of the Virginia Tech Curriculum Team that developed the Virginia Tech Fiscal Management Certification Program.