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Andrew Krum, Group Leader

Division of Freight, Transit, & Heavy Vehicle Safety

Human Factors & Advanced System Testing

Andrew Krum is the Leader of the Human Factors and Advanced Systems Testing Group within the Division of Freight, Transit & Heavy Vehicle Safety. Mr. Krum has served as a researcher and development engineer in the field of human factors and ergonomics in ground transportation for 18 years. In his past work as a Senior Technical Specialist in the Ergonomics and Driver Accommodation Group at Navistar Inc., Mr. Krum provided guidance to the engineering community on the needs of the drivers and crew on projects spanning heavy through light commercial and military vehicle development and testing. He currently manages projects that focus on commercial truck and bus advanced safety technologies with research sponsored by FMCSA, FTA, NHTSA, NAS and NIOSH over the last 8 years. These projects are investigating advancements in the testing protocols, design guidelines, and maintenance requirements for advanced driver-assistance systems and automated driving system technologies. Recently, Mr. Krum served with NIOSH through an Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement to help develop new information and scientific knowledge pertaining to COVID-19 engineering controls for heavy and commercial vehicles under the Occupational Safety and Health Technical Assistance to Re-open Industries Safely Program. Also related to COVID-19, he led research for the Federal Transit Administration and the Center for Urban Transportation Research into engineering ventilation controls for transit buses.