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Zeb Bowden, Division Director

Division of Technology Development & Deployment

Dr. Zeb Bowden oversees the Division of Technology Development and Deployment, which is comprised of Mechanical Systems and Facilities Operations, Electronic Systems and Technology Innovation, Computing Support, DevOps, and HPC/Research Computing groups. His research areas of focus include automotive cybersecurity, large-scale data ingestion and management, and the visualization of naturalistic driving data. Since 2011, he has served as VTTI’s Systems Architect and Lead Application Developer, designing and supporting the IT systems responsible for collecting sensor/video data for naturalistic driving data collection, as well as developing client/server, database, and web-based applications to support the retrieval, transfer, ingestion, and analysis of data in global locations. In his time at VTTI, Dr. Bowden has designed and developed data pipelines for several large-scale projects, including the Second Strategic Highway Research Program. He is an adjunct professor for the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech.