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Jeff Hickman, Research Scientist

Division of Freight, Transit, & Heavy Vehicle Safety, Wage/Student

Dr. Jeffrey Hickman is the Leader of the Behavioral Analysis and Applications Group within the Center for Truck & Bus Safety at VTTI. He has significant experience in the design, delivery, and implementation of safety and health improvement interventions as well as analysis of “big data”. His primary areas of research include driver behavior, fatigue, work/rest cycles, driver distraction, advanced driver assistance systems, and automated driving systems. Dr. Hickman's research has informed national and state policy on hours-of-service and electronic device use in trucking. Although specializing in commercial motor vehicle safety, Dr. Hickman's research interests are broadly defined as occupational health and safety. He has been the PI, Co-PI, or Project Manager for 64 research projects (totaling over $40 million). Dr. Hickman has delivered more than 130 professional presentations and published over 100 peer-reviewed publications and technical reports.