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Feng Guo, Lead Data Scientist

Division of Data & Analytics

Advanced Statistics

Feng Guo is a professor in the Department of Statistics at Virginia Tech and the lead data scientist at VTTI. With dual PhDs in transportation engineering and statistics, his research involves both methodology and application research on quantitative transportation modeling, especially in regard to traffic safety evaluation. His major research interests include the Bayesian method, epidemiology, machine learning and AI, traffic risk prediction, naturalistic driving study modeling, transportation infrastructure safety evaluation, advanced driving evaluation, and automated driving systems. He has served as the chair of the Transportation Statistics Interest Group of the American Statistical Association and is a member of both the Transportation Research Board Committee on Statistical Methods and the Committee on Safety Data, Analysis, and Evaluation of the National Academies. Dr. Guo has been a principal investigator (PI) or co-PI for more than 60 research projects sponsored by industry and federal and state agencies that include the National Institutes of Health, Federal Highway Administration, National Highway Traffic Safety Association, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.