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Eddy Llaneras, Senior Research Scientist

Division of Vehicle, Driver, & System Safety

Advanced Product Test & Evaluation

Robert E. Llaneras is a senior research scientist at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI). He has more than 20 years of practical experience in the areas of human factors, transportation safety, driver performance, and vehicle-highway automation.

Llaneras has extensive experience with a range of human factors methods and has successfully implemented ride-along observations, structured walkthroughs, comparable systems analyses, focus groups, expert panel workshops, large-scale interviews and survey techniques, and on-road and naturalistic studies.

He has especially strong research credentials in the areas of driver perception, driver performance, risk perception/decision making, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), the design of crash warning interfaces, and driver-vehicle automation. Current work has been largely focused on supporting Original Equipment Manufacturers and suppliers in the areas of collision avoidance and intervention systems, including Limited Ability Autonomous Driving systems. A major emphasis has been on studies characterizing the use and effectiveness of technologies designed to assist drivers while backing with research addressing both the physical and design properties of the aids as well as driver behavioral and perceptual aspects related to their use (e.g., driver reliance, impacts on drivers; mirror sampling patterns, frequency of use, duration of glances, ability to accurately judge distances, potential unintended consequences).

Llaneras has conducted work for the U.S DOT including studying in-vehicle devices, vehicle automation, and the development of methods for quantifying the quality of information provided by indirect vision systems.