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Myra Blanco, Director

Advancement, Partnerships, & Outreach

Dr. Myra Blanco is Director of Advancement, Partnerships, & Outreach. She is responsible for oversight of the team, as well as for ensuring the quality of the design, execution, and interpretation of research efforts. Formally trained in human factors engineering, Dr. Blanco's areas of expertise extend beyond automated driving systems. Her experience includes evaluation of in-vehicle devices, distraction, driver behavior, training, work/rest cycles, fatigue, and active safety systems for light and heavy vehicles. She has directed research efforts in naturalistic, on-road, test track, and simulator test environments and she has authored and co-authored numerous publications on driver performance and safety. Dr. Blanco was the 2013 recipient of the SAE International J. Cordell Breed Award for Women Leaders and the 2017 NHTSA Award for Safety Engineering Excellence.