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Mark Golusky, Lab & Research Manager

Division of Freight, Transit, & Heavy Vehicle Safety

Human Factors & Advanced System Testing

Mark Golusky is a Lab & Research Manager in the Division of Freight, Transit, & Heavy Vehicle Safety at VTTI. Mr. Golusky gathers and analyzes human factors data, develops protocols and procedures for specific research efforts, prepares experimental vehicles for studies, and assists with driving during data collection. He commonly works in the field to prepare for and execute on-road, test-track, and naturalistic driving studies, in which he performs the roles of field technician, in-vehicle and on-road experimenter, data reductionist, and quality control specialist. Throughout his time at VTTI, Mr. Golusky has contributed to Institutional Review Board applications for studies involving human subjects, participant recruitment, report writing, and technological demonstration. He is familiar with the methodologies and instrumentation that VTTI uses to conduct human factors research. Mr. Golusky also maintains a Class A Vehicle Commercial Driver's License.