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Project Highlights

Army Unmanned Aerial Systems Market Demonstration

VTTI was awarded a contract to manage a market research exercise of current Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and hosted members of the National Advanced Mobility Consortium (NAMC) to showcase the Virginia Smart Roads and facilities and the ability to serve as a testing area for ground and aerial vehicles. The demonstration took place during the daytime with five different UAS on various courses on the Smart Roads, and speeds were clocked at a maximum of 15 miles per hour. Additionally, NAMC members exhibited autonomous launching and landing, and incorporated a surrogate ground combat vehicle into the exercises.

VTTI provided four courses:

  • Gravel Road
  • Paved Road
  • Rough Dirt/Gravel Road
  • Off-Road

These courses incorporated randomly spaced bumps, hills, high quality paved roads, washboard and potholes, and trails to be able to fully simulate operations.