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Division of Technology Implementation is saving time through improving ADS communication

VTTI’s Division of Technology Implementation (DTI) is currently enhancing vehicles equipped with L4+ automated driving systems (ADS) that can help respond to a range of conditions on the road. In analyzing lane closures and merges connected to work zones on freeways, manufacturers can use VTTI’s data to develop efficient solutions to complicated scenarios and assist all levels of government in improving regulations. These vehicles will contain a prototype open-reference system that will enable data sharing between connected-vehicle systems.

The division will pinpoint several targeted dynamic scenarios and highlight any interactions between the ADS and human participants. Planning these scenarios in advance helps save time by accounting for all possible results. VTTI will bring to the table a diverse team that is made up of original equipment manufacturers, public safety experts, and independent owner-operators.

Division director Mike Mollenhauer is serving as the PI for this project.

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