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Center for Sustainable & Resilient Infrastructure is saving time through collaboration with VDOT

VTTI’s Center for Sustainable & Resilient Infrastructure (CSRI) is working with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the Virginia Transportation Research Council to create and supervise Virginia’s Accelerated Pavement Testing Facility. For this project, CSRI and VDOT are developing research questions, creating experiments, overseeing the construction, collecting data, and making implementations based on the results.

While the project is ongoing, thus far CSRI and VDOT have:

  • Studied the effects of different overlays as a response to accelerated loading
  • Compared dense graded asphalt mixtures of various volumetric properties
  • Evaluated integrating modified surface layers (through fibers and asphalt-rubber) to prevent cracking on concrete pavements
  • Assisted in implementing Balance Mix Design (performance test) to improve asphalt mix performance in Virginia

The time saved by conducting these tests benefits not only VDOT but also all who travel on Virginia’s roadways.

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