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Global Center for Automotive Performance Simulation leads transportation transition efforts through modeling and simulation

The Global Center for Automotive Performance Simulation (GCAPS) is a VTTI-affiliated company that utilizes controls development, vehicle simulation, model creation, and physical data interpretation to enhance virtual expansion in the transportation industry. Located near the Virginia International Raceway in Alton, Virginia, the organization seeks to create jobs and educational opportunities in southern Virginia that align with advancements in mobility technology.

Executive director Frank Della Pia, a veteran of General Motors for over 35 years prior to leading GCAPS, believes that the Center is a great benefit to VTTI and the industry overall through its modeling and simulation work.

“I'm really passionate about cars and safe transportation and the kind of performance that can be in a vehicle system,” Della Pia said. “It's a perfect world for me to fuel all the things that I love and believe in.”

Della Pia sees GCAPS as a platform to advance developing technologies to the next level, as he believes that future transportation research will transition to a sustained focus on autonomous vehicles. Expanding autonomy across the spectrum, an initiative that will involve the optimization of current ideas and technology in addition to extended research, is a challenge that GCAPS is well-equipped to tackle. Previous clients have used the organization's modeling and testing services to improve their performance in AV technology, vehicle handling, and numerous other components of transportation simulation.

Della Pia cites “the people” and former executive director Tom Dingus as a primary reason why VTTI and GCAPS have been successful research hubs in the transportation field.

“It's all about people. Tom has accumulated like-minded people with the same core values,” Della Pia said. “You can have all the test equipment in the world and it doesn't matter without the right people. We have the right people.”

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