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Division of Technology Implementation wears many different hats to deliver for sponsors

VTTI's Division of Technology Implementation (DTI) embraces stakeholder outreach to help other organizations conduct early-stage technology deployment by serving as a trustworthy third-party research entity. These outreach activities help sponsors evaluate the policy, legal, operational, and technical issues needed to conduct successful and efficient implementation.

Director Mike Mollenhauer, a 16-year VTTI employee, believes that his division is uniquely positioned at the institute to introduce new concepts into operational settings.

“We have people that can span a lot of different technical areas and who are not afraid to try something new,” he said. “We are able to remain open-minded and close to our customers.”

Mollenhauer has great confidence that his division can ascend to new heights with increased funding, implementing programs into broader commercial operations and public venues. As we continue to see an increase in living-lab technical environments, it becomes easier to bring smart technologies together to test new concepts while showcasing the future of mobility. In this role, DTI often serves as an intermediary between public infrastructure owner-operators and technological companies. DTI's ultimate goal is to be viewed as an honest third-party broker that provides quality support, honest independent evaluation, and data-driven recommendations for product improvement and implementation planning.

Mollenhauer cites his team's “investment in the mission” as a primary factor in the success of his division and VTTI overall.

“DTI is helping to move the needle on advancing safety and improving mobility through the development and deployment of connected and automated vehicle technologies,” said Mollenhauer. “Our people want to show that we are making a real impact in the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond.”

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