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Center for Injury Biomechanics looks to invest money into enhancing facilities

VTTI’s Center for Injury Biomechanics (CIB) is looking to further magnify its research via strategic funding of the center’s infrastructure and staff. In the words of CIB director Warren Hardy, the center would like to create a “training program for graduate students” that will provide them with the practical skills of working in a laboratory while they are pursuing their education.

In addition, Hardy believes it is important to continue to invest in studying automated driving systems (ADS). There are ways to integrate active and passive safety systems, and it is important to leverage those aspects to improve the systems that currently exist. Putting the resources together now will not only help make this form of transportation more affordable in the long term, but the costs to society—e.g., fewer EMS calls, fewer hospitalizations, fewer medical procedures—will also be lessened. The CIB’s wealth of facilities puts it in a prime position to lead these efforts on ADS in the future.

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