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Division of Freight, Transit, & Heavy Vehicle Safety seeks to save lives by studying COVID’s impact on bus transportation

VTTI’s Division of Freight, Transit, and Heavy Vehicle Safety (DHVY) is seeking to make public transportation safer as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a major impact on our lives. In collaboration with the Center for Urban Transportation Research and the University of South Florida, VTTI analyzed public bus ventilation with regard to the spread of COVID-19 with a goal of providing transit bus agencies and bus drivers with recommendations on how to best reduce exposure for drivers and keep their passengers safe while still running routes as usual.

Key recommendations included settings for existing HVAC and exterior air openings—as well as temporary modifications—for current buses and lessons to apply to new bus configurations/standards for circulating fresh air to decrease exposure. The Virginia Smart Roads served as the testing ground for Blacksburg (Virginia) Transit buses. Senior research associate Andrew Krum serves as the lead for these efforts.

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