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Division of Technology Implementation considers lighting’s impact on the environment

The Infrastructure-Based Safety Systems group (IBSS) within VTTI’s Division of Technology Implementation (DTI) considers the environment in its investigations on the impact of lighting. To reduce sky glow and light trespass a lower lighting level might be desired, whereas the lighting for road user safety might require a higher lighting level. Similarly, while using a bluer light shows a longer detection distance of roadway hazards, this light can influence animal behavior. As such, DTI’s research program has begun to seek the “Ideal Light” that provides the appropriate balance.

Recommendations could include one lighting level to provide maximum pedestrian and hazard detection in a downtown core area but different levels for residential or environmentally sensitive areas. IBSS researchers have also developed the recommendations for adaptive lighting where the lighting condition can be changed based on user need to minimize the impact on the user and the environment while maximizing energy conservation.

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