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Message from the Director

Zac Doerzaph

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute is unparalleled among transportation research institutes in the world. As a single-destination research facility, our team of talented researchers work with partners to answer complex research questions.

Founded over 30 years ago as the Center for Transportation Research, VTTI is an innovator focused on improving the way we move people and goods – from heavy truck and light vehicle occupants to motorcyclists to scooter riders and pedestrians. In our world-class facilities, we investigate, invent, design, develop, refine, and test transportation systems of the future.

With a transition in leadership, VTTI begins a new chapter that is grounded in our foundation of advancing transportation through innovation. I am excited to lead VTTI into the next chapter.

Throughout my 20 years at Virginia Tech, I have enjoyed opportunities to engage in research, education, and outreach. And, I am proud to be a member of the VTTI family and a contributor to the amazing accomplishments we achieve every day in our effort to save lives.

Here at VTTI, we create experiential learning opportunities for Virginia Tech undergraduate and graduate students. Students have the opportunity to work alongside the nation’s leading faculty on cutting edge research. They gain hands-on experiences that accelerate knowledge acquisition to become the next generation of transportation experts. They are ready to enter the workforce. Our students are ready to solve the next transportation challenge.

The VTTI team connects to the communities we serve – beyond the traditional publication mechanisms. We work closely with our public and private partners toward research implementation. We have direct influence on the deployment of technologies and policies affecting next generation vehicles and infrastructure systems.

The ultimate reward is when our research is actualized in the real world where it makes a measurable difference.

These three pillars of research, education, and outreach are integral to the success of both Virginia Tech and the institute. We strive to create a future where there is ubiquitous safe, effective, resilient, and sustainable transportation for all of humanity.

This is no small task.

I am confident that we are ready for any challenge that comes our way.