Safe-D: Safety through Disruption

Final Reports

TTI-03-01 Emerging Legal Issues for Transportation Researchers Using Passively Collected Data Sets
03-050 Design and Evaluation of a Connected Work Zone Hazard Detection and Communication System for Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs)
03-040 Examining Senior Drivers Adaptation to Mixed Level Automated Vehicles: A Naturalistic Study
01-001 Analyzing Highway Safety Datasets: Simplifying Statistical Analyses from Sparse to Big Data
TTI-Student-04 Motorcycle Crash Data Analysis to Support Development of a Retrofit Concrete Barrier System for Freeway Ramps
01-004 Driver Training Research and Guidelines for Automated Vehicle Technology
02-016 Final Research Report: Older Drivers and Transportation Network Companies: Investigating Opportunities for Increased Safety and Improved Mobility
02-020 Final Research Report: Behavior-based Predictive Safety Analytics – Pilot Study
TTI-01-04 Final Research Report: Influences on Bicyclists and Motor Vehicles Operating Speed within a Corridor
02-027 Final Research Report: Street Noise Relationship to Bicycling Road User Safety
02-026 Final Research Report: Sources and Mitigation of Bias in Big Data for Transportation Safety
02-010 Final Research Report: Safety Perceptions of Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) by the Blind and Visually Impaired
TTI-01-05 Final Research Report: Exploring the Science of Reflectivity: Curriculum for Grades 4 through 6