Reginald Viray, Research Associate

Center for Advanced Automotive Research: Connected & Advanced Vehicle Systems

Reginald Viray is a Research Associate with the Center of Advanced Automotive Research at Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) that performs a diverse set of tasks.

Primary technical tasks in current position include facilitating data acquisition, quality assurance, export, analysis and final reporting for large-scale research & development studies. Additionally, support of proposal development, project management and experimental design are undertaken. Focus area in current position is founded on a diverse set of engineering experiences gained from academia and industry. Specifically, technical engineering subject matter proficiency includes, but is not limited to: Wireless Communications, Signal Processing, Radar Systems, Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Control Systems, Embedded Data Acquisition Systems, Networking, Statistics, Vehicle Kinematics and Data Science. Additionally, non-technical engineering subject matter exposure includes: Systems Engineering, Engineering Management, Organizational Structure, Economic Project Evaluation, Resource Performance Evaluation, and Human Systems Integration.