Jeff Hickman, Research Scientist

Center for Truck and Bus Safety: Behavioral Analysis and Applications

Jeffrey Hickman is the Group Leader of the Behavioral Analysis and Applications group at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. He has significant experience in the design, delivery, and implementation of safety and health improvement interventions using behavior-based and person-based psychology and human factors applications. His primary areas of research include community-wide (large scale) applications of behavior-based safety, self-management, and organizational culture change techniques as well as assessing driver behavior, fatigue, work/rest cycles, driver distraction, and connected and automated trucks. Dr. Hickman's research has informed national and state policy on hours-of-service and electronic device use in trucking. Although specializing in CMV safety, Dr. Hickman's research interests are broadly defined as occupational health and safety. He has been the PI, Co-PI, or Project Manager in 40 research projects (totaling over $26 million). Dr. Hickman has over 100 professional presentations along with over 60 peer-review publications and technical reports.