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Center for Technology Implementation

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The Center for Technology Implementation (CTI) assists customers with the early-stage implementation of transportation safety technologies, including connected and automated vehicle technologies. The center manages project planning, product development, and integration services for commercial and government agencies. CTI participates in Phase I and Phase II Small Business Innovation Research grants and develops implementation strategies for product and service concepts in a broad commercial market. CTI also evaluates advanced in-vehicle technologies and quantifies driver behaviors.

Mike Mollenhauer, Center Director

Mike Mollenhauer
Center Director

Featured Projects

Virginia Connected Corridors

To facilitate the understanding of connected vehicle (CV) deployments, VTTI has partnered with the Virginia Department of Transportation to create the Virginia Connected Corridors (VCC), a CV environment located in Northern Virginia and at the Virginia Smart Roads in Blacksburg, VA. VCC enables the development and assessment of early stage connected and automated vehicle applications. Read More

VCC L2 “Elite” Naturalistic Driving Study

VTTI deployed a fleet of 50 highly instrumented light vehicles within the Virginia Connected Corridors Northern Virginia testbed starting in 2016 for use in application testing. Driven by private citizens, the vehicles in this fleet are equipped with advanced technologies and dedicated short-range communications to test smartphone-based applications and transmit secure information between the vehicles and infrastructure. The vehicles include Level 2 automation capabilities such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist. Read More

Work Zone Safety Initiatives

Since 2012, VTTI has been working in partnership with the Virginia Department of Transportation to develop, test, and demonstrate connected vehicle-based solutions to improve roadside work zone safety. Recently, CTI has been developing a Work Zone Builder application that will facilitate the digitization of roadside work zones for consumption by connected and automated vehicles. This application will utilize the Virginia Work Area Protection Manual to automatically apply work zone safety standards to new work zones entered into the application. Read More


The Automated Mobility Partnership (AMP) is an industry partnership promoting the development of tools, techniques, and data resources to support the rapid advancement of automated vehicle deployment for its members. The AMP research model is partner driven (defined by members), rapid cycle (two-year program), and high influence (impactful deliverables, empowering members). CTI supports the AMP program by designing, developing, and maintaining the data distribution web portal. Users are able to query for data based on unique characteristics and can also download data files and simulations that support automated vehicle development. Read More

Center Faculty

Tim Frye

Senior Research Associate

Sondra Iverson

Senior Research Associate

Dean Iverson

Senior Research Associate

Jean Paul Talledo Vilela

Research Associate

Elizabeth White

Research Associate


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