Center for Technology Development

The Center for Technology Development (CTD) produces software and hardware tools needed for research projects conducted by centers and groups at VTTI. CTD is continuously developing advanced systems and devices for use in transportation research. CTD comprises the following groups: Mechanical Systems, Data Acquisition, Advanced Development, and Instrumentation. These groups provide technical support for various projects and the Smart Road. In support of transportation research safety, CTD develops hardware, software and firmware for the VTTI Next Generation data acquisition system (DAS) and its smaller sized companion, the MiniDAS.

CTD continues to create solutions in response to the ever-changing requirements of VTTI research centers and sponsors. CTD initiatives include:

  • Enhancing the technical capability and reliability of the VTTI data acquisition system (DAS), which provides data acquisition capabilities through its base platform of components and multiple video capture capabilities, and can also integrate additional components.
  • Continued development of the highly integrated VTTI MiniDAS, which offers reduced unit size designed to decrease installation time, increase data sampling rates and throughput, provide corrected vehicle dynamics data, and render improved video compression and quality.
  • The design and build of software, devices, and platforms that enhance user experience while supporting transportation research initiatives in vehicles and infrastructure.
  • The continued development of V2V and V2I capabilities, enhancing our ability to accommodate research needs and develop test bed applications.

Andy Petersen
Center Director

Mechanical Systems Group

The Mechanical Systems Group is responsible for extensive mechanical fabrication ranging from small to large hardware designed to suit the needs of all research projects. Using a variety of methods, the group can tailor these fabrication techniques to research needs based on size and other requirements. The group can also design complex components using low- and high-volume injection molding, urethane casting, and other current rapid prototyping technologies. The group’s ability to design, evaluate, and simulate in a digital environment reduces project development times. The support, maintenance and upgrades of all Smart Road facilities and equipment are also performed by this group.

Data Acquisition Group

The Data Acquisition Group is responsible for electronic hardware design. The group’s capabilities span advanced circuit board design using arm processors, digital signal processors (DSPs) and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The group is a pioneer in the fields of distributed data acquisition systems (DASs), covert surveillance, and large-field DAS deployments. The group develops software and firmware for use with VTTI DASs, as demanded by the needs of researchers.

Advanced Development Group

The Advanced Development Group is responsible for advanced software development at VTTI. The group comprises specialists in machine-vision road tracking, machine-vision head tracking, and data analysis advancements.

Instrumentation Group

The Instrumentation Group is responsible for vehicle instrumentation at VTTI. CTD personnel install equipment and DAS components in VTTI-owned, participant, and commercial fleet vehicles. The group consists of specialists in instrumentation, resulting in minimal obstruction to participants and minimal observation of cables and cameras in the vehicles.